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Self Supporting Girder Steel Decking Machine


Jinggong self supporting girder steel decking machine adopts advanced mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic technologies. Under microcomputer control, it can automatically complete the whole production process, from steel girder production, bottom plate forming, to steel form assembling and welding. The annual production capacity for single shift achieves 300,000 square meters.

Main Components

Our steel decking forming machinery is composed of steel girder production line, bottom plate forming machine, and steel form spot welder etc.


Self supporting steel deck is a new-type building material. Due to its light structure and high strength, self supporting girder steel decking machine is increasingly used in steel structure buildings, bridges, and railways, among others. Concrete can be directly poured on the self supporting steel deck, which greatly reduces workload and shortens construction cycle.

Advantages of Steel Decking Forming Machinery

1. A wide range of steel structure machines is available in our company, which includes shot blasting machine, bending machine, digital folder, and drilling machine etc.
2. These have been awarded the ISO9000 and CE certificates. Thanks to their high quality and low prices, our products are exported to many countries, such as America, Australia, Bulgaria, Argentina, Egypt, Syria, India, and more.

Technical Specifications for Self Supporting Girder Steel Decking Machine

Machine model and name Parameter
JGH30 steel
bar truss
Suitable raw material
First quarter main tendon
Screw thread steel
φ6 to φ14(mm)
Last quarter main tendon
Screw thread steel
φ5 to φ14(mm)
Z type assistant bar
Round steel
φ4 to φ6.5(mm)
Processing dimension
First quarter height(mm)
70 to 270
Last quarter height(mm)
15 to 30(Curve truss)
0 to 30(Straight truss)
Length (mm)
200 to 12000
Bottom width(mm)
135 to 140(Curve truss)
60、80(Straight truss)
Feet distance(mm)
Feet folding length(mm)
Production speed(m/min)
15 to 20
Total power(kW)
585 or 155(AC frequency power)
Machine dimension
(length × width × height) (mm)
40000 × 5000 × 4500
Total weight(T)
About 27
HG-576 bottom
plate forming
(Self Supporting Girder Steel Decking Machine)
Suitable raw material
Type Galvanized steel
Thickness(mm) 0.4 to 1
Forming speed(m/min) 12 to 15
Machine dimension (length × width × height)(mm) 10000 × 1700 × 1000
JGH60 steel
moulding board spot welding machine (Steel Decking Forming Machinery
Work piece dimension
Roll formed steel plate width(mm) 576(or)600
Steel bar truss max. height(mm) 270
Work piece length(mm) 1800 to 12000
Max. Welding speed(m/min) 8 to 10
Total power(kW) 303 or 103AC frequency power)
Machine dimension(mm) 19000 × 1700 × 2000