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H Beam Welding Machine


After fixing the position for the web and two wings of the H-profile steel, our H-beam welding machine can automatically clamp, adjust, weld and transport the finished products.


Our H-Beam steel welding line has received two patents of utility model, and is suitable for large-scale welding jobs, with lower labor intensity and higher efficiency (8000 ton/year for each shift). Beams welded by this production line are widely used in steel constructions.

Main Components

Jinggong H-beam welding machine mainly consists of assembling machine, welding machine, turning machine, and conveyor.


1. Our products have received the ISO9000 and CE certificates, and are exported to over 60 countries, such as the USA, Germany, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Australia, and more.
2. In addition to providing steel welding line, we also offer other steel structure machines, like box column welding machine, digital folder, slitting machine, cut to length machine, etc.

Technical Specifications for H-Beam Welding Machine

No. Item Unit Parameter Remark
1 Suitable section size of H-profile steel Web plate width mm 300 to 1200
Web plate thickness mm 3 to 8
Wing plate width mm 150 to 500
Wing plate thickness mm 5 to 16
2 Suitable length of work piece mm 5000 to 15000
3 Max. weight of work piece kg 4000
4 Inclination of variable cross section degree ≤8
5 Total power KVA About390(64KW+360KVA)