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H Beam Assembling Machine


Our H-beam assembling machine can perform positioning and automatic tack-welding trough the clamping and alignment of web plate and flange plate.

Main Components

H-beam assembly line equipment consists of alignment system, conveyor rolls, hydraulic system and electrical system, etc.

Advantages of H-Beam Assembling Machine

1. Upper pinch roller adopts four groups of rails which ensure stable assembling and easy operation.
2. As an experienced assembly line equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, we can design and manufacture different specification according to different requirement of the client.

Technical Specifications for H-Beam Assembling Machine

Item of H-beam Assembly Line Equipment Parameter
Web height 200 to 2500 mm
Web thickness 6 to 80 mm
Flange width 200 to 1000 mm
Flange thickness 6 to 80 mm
Work piece length 4000 to 15000 mm
Assembling speed 0.5 to 6 m/min