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Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine


Rontech roofing sheet roll forming machine (roof panel forming machine) is designed and manufactured with a higher level in domestic supplier competition, especially in manufacturing, assembling and material using. Our company has advanced production equipment and a professional team that has over 15 years’ experience of designing, developing and manufacturing roof panel forming machines. Roofing sheet roll forming machine is also named as roofing sheet making machine or roof panel roll forming machine. Featuring high efficiency, high flexibility, good performance and low production cost, it is the best choice for producing metal sheet cold rolled products.

Applications of roof panel forming machine

Roofing sheet roll forming machines are extensively used in building steel-structure large-scale warehouses, plants, supermarkets, shopping malls, trade markets, stadiums, holiday villages, sanatoriums, hotels, villas, residences and different kinds of greenhouses.


This type of roof panel forming machine is composed ofdecoiler, guiding device, roll forming unit, stop-to-shear device, run-out table, hydraulic system and electronic control system.

Specifications of Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Name Model Name Quantity Technical Description
Decoiler 10T Automatic Decoiler (JK10-1250AM) 1set Cantilever type, hydraulic expanding, electrical motor uncoils
Main Forming System Pre-Slitting Device 1set 1. Roller material: No.45 steel, surface painted with hard chrome.
2. Roller shaft material: No.45 steel with thermal refining.
3. Roller supporting type: column
4. Electrical motor driving, back/forward, rollers driven by chain, part of upper/lower rollers driven by gear.
5. Cutting blade material Cr12 quenched treatment.
Feed Guiding Device 1set
Lubrication Device 1set
Filming Device 1 set
Roll Forming System 1 set
Complete Mobile Safety Cover 1 set
Cutting System 1 set
Output System Stacking System 1 set Optional
Hydraulic System 1set Decoiler adopts independent hydraulic station.
Electric Control System 1set PLC control; Encoder measures the length.
Operation: touch screen and button
With 5 million RMB registered capital, Rontech Imp & Exp Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of roofing sheet roll forming machines in China. In addition to this roof panel forming machine (roofing sheet making machine or roof panel roll forming machine), we also supply welded pipe mill, sandwich panel line, steel coil slitting line, cut to length line, metal working machinery, shot blasting machine, metal coil sheet, etc. With over 15 years’ production experience, our roofing sheet roll forming machines or roof panel forming machines are exported to Russian, Brazil, India, South Africa, Germany, USA, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and so on.