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H Beam Welding Line


Jinggong H-beam welding line machine is special equipment used for automatically welding the assembled H-beam. Currently there are two models, JHT double column beam automatic welding machine and JHG gantry type automatic welding machine.
We are a Chinese H-beam steel welding machine manufacturer and supplier, and can design and manufacture different specification according to different client requirement.

Features of H-beam Welding Line Machine

1. This steel welding machine adopts AC inverter control, with stable running and fast traveling speed.
2. The seam-tracking arc-guide mechanism is three-spindle system which guarantees correct alignment without aberrancy.
3. The main frame and welding machine are integrated controlled with flux auto-recovering system, high-efficient and easy to operate.
4. Steel welding machine can weld two pieces of beam at the same time and the web height of beam is not limited by the main machine.

Technical Specifications for H-beam Welding Line Machine

Web height 200 to 2500 mm
Web thickness 10 to 40 mm
Flange width 200 to 1000 mm
Flange thickness 10 to 80 mm
Work piece length 2000 to 15000 mm
Welding speed 150 to 1000 mm/min
Rail length 24000 mm