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Steel Bending Machine


Our steel bending machine is a piece of special equipment designed for section bar producers. It can be used to bend the section bar into round, arc or other shape of work pieces.


This bender equipment is widely used in a variety of industries, such as petroleum, chemical, hydroelectric power, shipbuilding, steel construction, and machinery manufacturing, etc.

Main Components

Jinggong steel bending machine is mainly composed of welded type frame, forming roller, left and right roller brackets, hydraulic system, electric control system, and so on.


1. Besides bender equipment, we also provide other kinds of steel structure machine such as shot blasting machine, slitting machine, and cut to length machine etc.
2. Our benders are ISO9000 and CE certificates.

Technical Specifications for Steel Bending Machine

NO Item Unit Parameter Remark
1 Suitable material Bending-resistance section modulus Cm3 270 to 2000
Yield limit MPa 245
2 Min bending diameter C50 channel steel outward bending Mm 4000
C40 channel steel inward bending Mm 4000
426 × 16 steel tube Mm 18000
128 × 8 steel tube Mm 3500
200 × 60 flat steel upright bending Mm 5000
500 × 75 flat steel flat bending Mm 3500
3 Production Speed of Bender Equipment m/min 2 to 3
4 Outline dimensions(LXWXH) of Steel Bending Machine Mm 4880 × 3200 × 2000
5 Total weight Kg About36000
6 Total power kW 24